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Terminal International is the manufacturer and exporter of a wide range of Electrical Components and Cable Accessories. The company is located in India and develops best quality electrical products to meet the customer requirements. The company is inline with latest technology and automatic machine with a group of highly skilled engineers and labours.

The product range includes Electrical components and cable accessories like  Copper  Cable Lugs, Brass Cable Glands, Earthing Accessories Made from brass and bronze, Brass components,  Solder less Aluminum Mechanical Lug & lay in lug and other  sheet metal products catering to the ever increasing  demand of ferrous and non ferrous electrical accessories

The main vision of the company is to grow and hold the large market share in the electrical field. The aim of the company is to satisfy the customer’s needs by providing them with best quality products and price. The company believes in long term business and the basic principal is to work on international standards.

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